"Closer to Fine" is a processing group aimed at reducing anxiety through shared experiences in a supportive community setting. Participants receive tools for anxiety management including gentle yoga, meditation for anxiety, laughter, journaling, and mindfulness education, which can be applied both during and outside of group sessions. The group fosters encouragement, comfort, and a sense of community. Sessions are held weekly on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm, offering both in-person and virtual options. No prior yoga experience is necessary; participants only need a yoga mat. Resting during yoga is encouraged for comfort and meditation."



Below are real testimonials from group participants. Names and other identifying information have been left out for confidentiality. All testimonials were given with participant consent. Participants were aware that testimonials would be shared publicly.


"Closer to Fine is a safe and inclusive space where I've been able to honor my mind, body and spirituality at my own pace without any judgement or obligations." 


"I find the Closer to Fine community to be welcoming and supportive. The insights that are shared inspire me to look at things in new ways; always helpful to see things from different perspectives."


"As a full-time working mom, I am so glad I'm able to find a place to take time for my needs. Amy is an amazing instructor; she brings so many different aspects of meditation and yoga that help with my anxiety and gain focus on the present."


As an individual who is affected by anxiety, I have noticed positive growth in all aspects of my life and I am grateful for the support and knowledge provided each session by Amy and each group member. "

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